Mission Statement

Calculus for a Cause gives SPHS students a way to give back to their school and community while building the values of giving, caring, and leadership in students.

What is Calculus for a Cause?

Calculus for a Cause is a biannual event founded by former SPHS Calculus BC teacher Mrs. Ruth Moonesinghe that takes place at the end of each semester. It is completely run by AP Calculus students at South Pasadena High School.

Calc for a Cause gives SPHS AP Calculus students the chance to give back to their school, utilizing the skills that have brought them to the school's most advanced mathematics courses. At each event, current and former AP Calculus students lead review sessions of the semester's material. For three hours, students can work through practice problems together with peers and session leaders or get help from tutors. Students have the option of making a voluntary donation in the recommended amount of $20 to a partner charity that works to better our world and community. 100% of donations go to the partner charity.

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Event Planning

Planning each Calculus for a Cause event usually takes place over the entire semester and is overseen by the Student Administrators. If you would like to help, please contact the admins at HR@calcforacause.net. Leadership team positions for the next academic year may open up, with applications typically going live in the spring. Visit apply.calcforacause.net for more information on administrative positions. Applications may also open up occasionally for special projects that require additional students. Information on those projects is found on the Opportunities page.

We believe in sharing our materials to help other people plan their own events. If you are interested in taking a look at the planning and logistical documents and files we create for each event, please contact Frances Chiu at fchiu@calcforacause.net. We share our files with anyone involved in planning a similar event, free of charge.

Not what you were expecting to find?

We've recently retooled Calculus for a Cause to comply with the Free Schools Act. To explore the original Calculus for a Cause, please visit legacy.calcforacause.net.